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Afghanistan Election Data 2014

The Afghanistan presidential and provincial council elections took place across the country on April 5, 2014. This tool is an effort to make the election accessible and transparent. Polling stations determined by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) and preliminary observer deployment designations released by Afghan election monitoring groups are featured to provide information and analysis on electoral conditions and activities.

Following election day, election results data will be published and visualized to provide additional insight. This will be collected and visualized in a manner similar to previous election cycles.

This map shows the preliminary nationwide deployment plans for four key domestic election monitoring groups: Afghanistan National Participation Organization (ANPO); the Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization (AYNSO); the Transparent Foundation for Free and Fair Elections in Afghanistan (TEFA); and Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA). The current deployment plan displayed for FEFA is partial and will be updated to reflect total deployment.

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Eligible voters may cast ballots for president at any polling station nationwide and voters of provincial council candidates may vote at any polling center in the province in which they reside. This map shows the number of planned polling centers by district across Afghanistan.

Toggle between district aggregated totals and exact locations of polling centers.

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Preliminary deployment numbers provide initial information on coverage of election monitors across the country. Use the slider to compare observer deployments to polling centers. Data is aggregated by district.

Polling Centers Observers

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